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Song of the day: “Just A Friend”

July 22nd, 2012


Sing this shit if it ever happened to you. YOOOOOO – GOT WHAT I NEED – BUT YOU SAY HE’S JUST A FRIEND.


Oh baby, you aint dead to me. But you couldn’t be honest so now you have to relegated to that zone of untrustworthy behavior. You exhibited it again and again and while I hoped we’d be more than friends, it’s obvious that we have to work hard at just being friends in the first place. Lesson learned, baby.


Girls go groupie for the wrong musicians. Remember that.

Night Song: “Josie”

February 15th, 2012

Tonight’s song is “Josie” by Steely Dan. It has been a long minute since I’ve done the Song of the Day/Night Songs feature on Kyprophet dot com.


I never paid a lot of attention to the verses in this song, treating them as an excuse to get to that chorus again. . . but I looked it up for funsies and boy are there some doozies in the second verse.


Jo would you like to scrapple, she’ll never say no.

Shine up the battle apple. We’ll shake ’em all down tonight, we’re gonna mix in the street.

Strike at the stroke of midnight.

Dance on their bones ’til the girls say when…


I had to look up “battle apple” and here’s what Urban Dictionary had to say on the matter:

A large mace-like weapon used by street gangs in small town America in the Fifties and early Sixties. The battle apple works most efficiently when buffed up to a fine shine with a shammy cloth and a dab of saddle oil.


Yikes. That Josie is a dirty bitch! Hitting cops with a steel club. Cops? Yeah, I assumed she’s gonna hit cops because “scrapple” is a meal of ground-up pig. Everything but the snout. I had to look that up, too. Apparently, it’s a Pennsylvania thing I’ll never understand. Scrapple, not beating up cops.

Song Of The Day: “Butterflies”

May 30th, 2011


Today’s song of the day is “Butterflies” by Michael Jackson. Never mind that I’m posting this at 3:30 in the morning. It’s the song of the day. Shut your face.


I listened to this song about a month after MJ kicked and that’s when I finally started to miss the guy. Then I played a video of the Jackson 5 performing “Dancing Machine” where MJ does the robot. It was unbelievable to watch. A young master. One demented freak of a genius. That was it.

Song Of The Day: The Tubes

May 3rd, 2011


Today’s Song of the Day comes courtesy The Tubes Youtube account where you can check out full video of some of their early concerts. This is a cover of Gene Pitney’s “Town Without Pity”, filmed the year before the release of their 1975 self-titled debut album.


I have some good memories of singing this song. Once I did it on a karaoke night in Louisville and killed with it. I was fantastic. I also sang it for an audition at the Capital Theatre in BG a few years ago. I am a great singer and this is a great rendition of a great song by a great band. I, however great I am, have nothing to do with this video. It was filmed four years before I was born. But it’s great. The funny part for me is that you can see singer Fee Waybill’s “Mondo Bondage” getup underneath the trenchcoat.

Song Of The Day: Eels

April 28th, 2011


“It’s A Motherfucker” by Eels. Not The Eels, just Eels. Like Pixies. Not the Pixies. Pixies. Eels. Understood? Great.


It’s a motherfucker how much I understand

The feeling that you need someone to take you by the hand

Song Of The Day: Special Edition

April 25th, 2011


Ya’ll gots to chill. “Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth” by Sparks is today’s song of the day. Depeche Mode and Neko Case covered this ish, but Sparks was the originatorz of the shizz, yaknow cuz?


For real, tho. Ya’ll gots to chill on the flip-flop ya’know cuz? I been up like since 4pm yesterday cause that’s how I rollz now, ya’know cuz? I’m finna get some sleep but I wanted to do this shit. Ignore that other stuff. I’m on the verge of not making no more sense, nahmean?


I’m gonna rock yo body, girlz. I love nothing more than the world on a platter and a boatload of money. The simple pleasurez, nahmean? What the hell is happening to me? I had all my synapsis firing until I started typing and ish, nahmean?


My brain is tired. I should go to bed or something. Sexy and shizz. My hairbrush has soap on it. That’s not bullshit or rambling of a psychotic sleep-deprived fool. My hairbrush has soap and stuff on it because I use a spoonful of shampoo to soak my brush to clean it. That was an ill-advised thing to do. Dammit. The thing said to soak it in a sink of water with a tablespoon of shampoo and a tablespoon of vinegar only I aint gots no vinegar. Who the hell wants to keep vinegar in the house? That’s some bullshit, nahmean?


I’m thinking about going to bed or sending graphic sexts to my friends. I better get some sleep.

Song Of The Day: Kraftwerk

April 11th, 2011


Today’s song of the day is “Morgenspaziergang” (translate to “Morning Walk”) by Kraftwerk. It’s not quite 4:30 in the morning as I type this. “Morning Walk” might be my favorite Kraftwerk song. Of course I would say that. This song doesn’t even sound like the Kraftwerk we all know and love. What’s with that flute, you say? Is that acoustic piano? This doesn’t sound like proto-Robot Rock from Germany! You would be right to notice these things. It’s a great song. What little of it there is. “Morning Walk” sounds like it would fall apart if a gust of wind blew by hard enough.


This was the last track on their famous Autobahn album. A great album all the way through.

Song Of The Day: “In Dreams”

March 28th, 2011


This is the best I can do today. “In Dreams” by Roy Orbison. You can see the clips from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, which if you haven’t seen it you should. There’s a famous scene in the movie when Dean Stockwell lipsynchs to “In Dreams”, and Orbison was scared to let Lynch use the song for such a strange scene in such a strange movie. Good call in the end. Sometimes I put my big wraparounds on and pretend I’m Roy.


Only in dreams...

Song Of The Day: “Dancing”

March 18th, 2011



Today’s Song Of The Day is John Martyn’s “Dancing”, off his 1977 album Solid Air. It’s the only album of his I’ve ever heard but I enjoy it very much. It is one of the 1,001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, as written by Robert Dimery.


I could have used any of the tracks from Solid Air, actually. “Small Hours”, for example. Eight minutes of ambient songcraft. But “Dancing” is really nice especially for a nice day like this one. Martyn made his voice slur purposely, like a saxophone. Not a bad approach, I say. I should look into that. He won’t mind, he passed away two years ago.

Song Of The Day: “F!#*in Up”

March 16th, 2011

For your pleasure, here’s a new Song of The Day




Today’s song of the day is “F!#*in Up” by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Originally from their 1990 album Ragged Glory, this version is from the DVD “Year Of The Horse” It contains the refrain, “Why do I keep fuckin’ up?” A question I asked myself this very morning, hence its’ placement as Song of The Day.


Perhaps Neil should write a self-help book. That’s a big market to tap into. Nobody buys music anymore. Neil probably doesn’t need the money but still I would like to see a self-help book called “Why Do You Keep Fuckin’ Up”. I guess if he needs some help writing the thing, I’d be glad to lend a hand. Strictly as a typist and editor, of course.