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I’m Exploring The Possibilities

November 14th, 2016

It appears that these things are true.

  1. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential election
  2. However, Donald Trump won the most states and delegates in the electoral college.
  3. Therefore, Donald Trump will be the President in January.
  4. This means that the Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.


A lot of people are worried and for very good reason. Over 200 attacks since Election Day, many of which can be characterized as hate crimes against minorities. For the purposes of this post, “minorities” is short-hand for people who aren’t white, Christian Trump supporters. Even though point #1 at the top of the article.


There’s also a fear that with a political newbie like Trump there will be a major catastrophe. It has been pointed out on social media in the last few days that the last time the Republicans had all three major branches of government was in 1929, which precipitated the Great Depression. Also, the last time we elected a political outsider who didn’t win the popular vote we got George W. Bush. With that came 9/11, the ongoing actions in Iraq and the quandry following Hurricane Katrina.


So it’s really easy to play Chicken Little and cry that the sky is falling when you feel a combo of the stock market crash and the World Trade Center attack is in the immediate future. At some point, concerned citizens will have to pull themselves together. Blaming Bernie bros, Susan Sarandon or third-party voters in swing states will not undo attacks on p.o.c. and LGBTQs. Blaming Donna Brazile or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz will not fill that ninth Supreme Court seat (nine months and counting) with a Democrat appointee.


But there is another political fight on the horizon and it’s for the House in 2018. Every seat up for re-election. Of course they were up for election this year too. Did you know that in three of Kentucky’s congressional districts, Republicans ran unopposed? It was a gimme for them except for John Yarmuth, the lone Dem holdout in Louisville.


If it comes down to it, I’ll run for Congress myself in 2018. Even if I lose, somebody has to run in opposition. To let one party run unopposed two terms in a row is just rubber-stamping whatever they do.


In the meantime, I’ve got to get my health on track. I’ve got to get my strength up if I’m going to fight the power.

Don’t Be A Dick

July 8th, 2016

“At this point I have a request for our fans. If any of you in any way hate homosexuals, people of different color, or women, please do this one favor for us – leave us the fuck alone! Don’t come to our shows and don’t buy our records.”

Kurt Cobain, Incesticide liner notes


I used to think this was a righteous position to take. Of course, when I read the liner notes to Nirvana’s Incesticide I was fifteen. So some of the things I thought then may not have been totally right.


In the last twenty five years, I have become a musician myself. I joined up with a band and we play shows from time. And although my band has nothing in common with Nirvana, in sound or in size of audience, most people will agree that we sound like their first demo tape which was called Fecal Matter.


So I’d like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to any shows that I perform at. Gays and homophobes. Racists of all colors, racists against all colors, music lovers of all colors. Women and the men who hate them and the women who hate themselves. People who are intolerant of a certain religion or all religions, as well as people who worship under the banner of those religions. . . you are all invited to my shows. Man and woman, hater and lover, one and all. You’re all welcome.


I’ll tell you why I write this. Because rather than tell haters, racists, and phobes to keep out I would prefer it if we all actually acquainted and rubbed elbows. If you’re racists against blacks, for example, and you make a black friend at a show you may say “they’re one of the good ones”. Then you meet a few more and then you think the same thing until you’ve made so many black friends you start to think “wow, I’ve been thinking about this all wrong, I don’t know too many bad black people. All the blacks I know are as bitchin’ as a motorcycle handjob!”


I don’t know if motorcycle handjobs are a thing.


Let’s try meeting each other and giving that a shot for a while instead of bitching about each other on Facebook and Twitter. I only have a few basic rules for coming to my gigs: don’t be a dick and leave your guns at home. Thank you in advance.

Sometimes Nice Things Happen

September 23rd, 2013

This weekend was exceptionally and unusually pleasant.


I want you to notice the word “unusually” in the above sentence. By that sentence, you may think that I am a glowering Gus. An Eeyore in sweatpants. I deserve that.


Joyful moments and pleasant days do not have to be the rarity, the anomaly in life. They really don’t have to be. I’ll share with you the two moments that really stand out.


Friday night in was in Nashville playing a show with the band. The band before us asked me if I wanted to sing “Black Diamond” by Kiss with them. That band is called Freebase Masons, and I think they play stoner metal. Without a moment of rehearsal, I went up and sang “Black Diamond” with them like I had been doing it my whole life.


Maybe I had in some way. How many times have I heard that song? Never really heard the words to it all the way. But I NAILED THAT SONG TO THE WALL. It was glorious. I always wanted to sing a Kiss song onstage with a band. Cross that one off the bucket list I don’t have.


The next day, Fordsville Days reared its’ head again. Another local fall festival. For years I have loathed Fordsville Days, mostly because I live in the middle of it and the bandstand is literally next door from where I live. I have complained for years and it has gotten me nowhere.


This year my grandfather sat on the porch and listen to an old-time band play country and bluegrass songs from the past. As the night air cooled everything down around us, I joined him on the porch. He sat in a lawn chair with his lady friend Wilda, I sat on the porch. It was like when I was a child and they took me to Rosine to watch bluegrass bands and they were in lawn chairs and I sat on a blanket on the ground. Twenty years before. The night cooled down and I rubbed my arms. Grandpa got tired and went in to take an ibuprofen. He has more aches and pains these days. He slept in that night, as it had been a long day for him.


I enjoyed those moments. This was me reliving my youth. You want to relive the days when you’re old enough to party but don’t feel it too bad the next day. I went beyond that. I went to my childhood for a moment.


I almost got sad that I couldn’t go back. Instead I feel really good that I had it again. If we had them all the time, they don’t get to be special.

Moves Like Frankenstein

March 6th, 2012

Last Thursday, I attempted Zumba. If you don’t know what that is, Zumba is a dance-oriented hour-long cardio workout where you work out to Latin dance songs and some well-known pop songs, like “Moves Like Jagger”, “Low”, and some song by LMFAO that I don’t feel like looking up but I know isn’t “Sexy & I Know It”, “Champagne Showers”, or “Shots”.


In that session, I went through a lot of thoughts really fast. I’ll try to summarize the most important of them.


  1. “This is some woman shit.”
  2. “This is some bitch shit.”
  3. “I am Zumba’s bitch, right now.”
  4. “I’m dancing like Frankenstein at a Dead show.”
  5. “I’m too fat to pivot.”
  6. “Shouldn’t have broken my ankle when I was fifteen.
  7. “Hey, this felt good for about five seconds.”
  8. “My mind went away four songs in.”
  9. “Should have brought some water.”


I start to think about how the entire weight-loss industry is built on women. I was the only guy there. Yoga is some woman shit, too. I tried that once and felt like a bitch while I was doing it. But then I realized I was the bitch in Zumba. I had submitted. It was the music. It helped a lot. The instructor didn’t say a lot, she just did the routine and we imitated her. So you feel lost the first time you do it because it’s all new, or so they told me afterward.


And I got the endorphin rush for about five seconds, as I said. It did feel good, momentarily. I was stunned. And my mind did go away very quickly because I forgot to bring water or breathe all the time.


But none of that is important. I did it once, so what? You’d be happy to know that I did it again yesterday. And I intend on doing it again next Thursday. I’m gonna try to make this a thing. No, really.

Great Unknowable Remix Project

May 26th, 2011

So you were waiting for updates from me, huh? I’m sorry for keeping you but I’ve been busy. So busy in fact that I haven’t had time to indulge in this blog apart from the occasional picture of two Princess Leia’s in metal bikinis making out. I apologize, but my reasons are good and true.


You have been wondering about the new Technology Vs. Horse album, Potential Pleasure Device. Well, that is coming NEXT MONTH. We will hopefully offer a digital release as well as physical CD copy for sale. Also, there is high potential for a 7″ single of songs from the aforementioned TVH album. More on that at a later date.


You have also been wondering about Kentucky Prophet Album tbd 2011. Well, I wanted to come to you with signs of progress but alas there are none. Part of this is due to logistical improbability. Part of this is that a can’t-miss opportunity came my way, so can’t miss that I can’t talk about for fear of jinxing it. I will say this much: it involves a remix. It is a great opportunity and I have pushed KYP2011TBD aside so I can concentrate on Great Unknowable Remix Opportunity. I will mention that there is a bit of a deadline and this has put me in a spot so I have to get this stuff done or else it will become a great Lost opportunity with unknowable rewards. And folks, that CANNOT happen.


There will be more information later. I promise, it’s good stuff. A handful of people already know, and that’s enough. Good tidings ahead for the po’boy. Be happy for me. I know I’m trying to.

Morning Positive Affirmations

March 3rd, 2011

Wouldn’t it be great if we got rid of beauty pageants and replaced them with inner beauty pageants?


Why must we have hot dog eating contests when we can have hot dog enjoying contests?


Why don’t we abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and change it to the Bureau of Acceptance, Tolerance and Friendship.


We don’t need the National Basketball Association. We need an International Love Association. We don’t need borders or nationalism. Or basketball.


An old Indiana saying is  “Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realize we cannot eat money. ”


But that’s not true. Those Indians didn’t have horsey sauce like we do now. Slather some horsey sauce on money and you’ll barely notice.