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There’s No Way You Mean Any Of That

January 21st, 2017

Today I am going to talk about Tomi Lahren. This bimbo.


And make no mistake, this girl is a bimbo. Tomi Lahren is supposed to be a political commentator. Girlfriend is twenty-four years old. Yeah, and this is the only way I could ever call her “girlfriend” but she’s so hardcore right-wing that I’m glad I’m out of her league.


Hey, I get it. She’s a cutie. A cute little blonde, saying Fox News-ish right-wing toxic rhetoric on the Internet. Millions upon millions of views. She is a new media star. When you give people what they want they will happily greedily lap it up. There is an audience for this kind of thing. My god! New media FTW. Constast the very comely Tomi with the women of Fox News (especially post-Megyn Kelly).


There’s obviously an ingenious hook about Tomi Lahren. Blonde babe + Fox News rhetoric -Fox News + Internet videos = JACKPOT! The average Fox News viewer is sixty-five years old, no joke (citation needed). Tomi Lahren is great for business at the Blaze. But there’s no way she actually writes any of that stuff, does she? Somebody has to be writing her three-minute screeds for her.


I only say that because I watched the entirety of her appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and he walked circles around her without even trying. He tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. He gave her ample opportunity to say something/anything of substance. She didn’t. Not because she’s a girl but she’s twenty-four. What does she know about ANYTHING? What does any twenty-four year old know about anything? This is not someone who is wise beyond her years. She is typical, basic, cashing in on her looks. Hey, great. But let’s not pretend she matters.