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Remember Marilyn Manson?

May 7th, 2014

Wow. It’s really been a long time. I was just thinking about Marilyn Manson and decided to throw on Anti-Christ Superstar. For once, listening to Marilyn Manson seems like a good idea.


2014 sucks. I need a blast of 1996 to clear all the gunk out of this so-far shitty year. Eighteen years have passed since 1996. I have distinct memories of 1996. I graduated from high school in 1996. Someone born in 1996 graduated from high school in 2014. And that is far from the shittiest thing about 2014, I can assure you.


I need Marilyn Manson right now. It’s five in the morning. Life is a box of dildos when all you need is a fleshlight. How far ahead of the game was he? Then 1998 comes and he drops the fucking ‘Dope Show’ on us? We didn’t know how good we had it. Joe Lieberman blamed the Columbine massacre on Manson even though the two kids who masterminded the thing weren’t Manson fans and music doesn’t cause violence anymore than this blog or your shirt does.


Oh, you don’t remember “The Dope Show”? Fuck you, get your dick out of your ears.



That swings, kids. That’s a club anthem. Strip club, night club, football club, club sandwich, I don’t give a shit.


I was never the biggest MM fan. I had two friends who gave him up when they converted to Christianity (I’m serious). It was just music but I guess they thought Anti-Christ Superstar was a channel to Hell. And the guy thanked Anton LaVey in the liner notes which probably gave them the willies.


Poor Marilyn. Just goes to show that you can’t even come out and plain old say it to their faces in black-and-white English. People are going to get it wrong. We really are a bunch of Mechanical Animals. How long do you yell at people who don’t listen before you start to feel like a tired fool?

Enjoy Feeling Bad

December 17th, 2013

Music can do so many things to us, no matter what stage of life we are at. Music can really soothe us when we are feeling cold, unloved and rabid. Alternately, sometimes people listen to music that drives them crazy. Music that makes them feel cold, unloved, rabid and vicious. You can’t get lost in a movie like you can good music (or even bad music if you are susceptible to it. . . as proof of this, Kiss have just been nominated to the R’N’R Hall of Fame today). Even the music that you listen to for the purpose of feeling bad must have a good purpose the way you use it. Something inside you trying to get out. You find just the right thing to pull it out of you and FEEL it and maybe even enjoy it a bit.


This is where Technology Vs. Horse comes in right now. We are in the gradual process of putting together music for our sixth(!) studio album. Since 2008, we have released three albums with our current lineup. We have tried to make each one better than the one before it. Whether we have succeeded or not is for each listener to decide (and I encourage to you listen for yourselves at and maybe even kick in a few shekels for the mp3s or a CD or something).


Would these men lie to you?

Would these men lie to you?


I don’t know how many songs will end up on album six. I don’t know what the name of it will be or what the cover will look like. The five of us have an idea or two but we’re not committed to anything except really making the most WTF experimental heavy music you’ve ever heard from us. There will not be a “White Girls” moment on album six. . . I assume. We haven’t written one yet. Probably won’t either. If you liked our song “Electric Eels”, there might be some more stuff in that vein only way more depressing and horrifying. Are you ready for a whole album of dark, angry experimental rock? That’s what you’re gonna get.


Enjoy feeling bad.





I Almost Believe In God

December 12th, 2013

I almost believe in God. I actually want to believe but it has been difficult for me, what with all the logic and deductive reasoning and whatnot that contradicts the possibility of a belief.


There is something that logic doesn’t account for, and that is the miracle. I want to believe that there is a God because there are miracles that occur in our life that we can’t account for. I’m not talking about the impossible to believe like Jesus turning water into wine. I’m talking about the unlikely but somehow possible that is the musical career of Stevie Wonder.



Stevie Wonder, blind from birth, learned how to play more musical instruments as a child than most people can name. By twelve, he was a recording star. By age twenty-two, he had negotiated the right to creative autonomy when making his studio albums. By age twenty-six, he had recorded an double-album called Songs In The Key Of Life, which is now in the Library Of Congress.


The song above, “Add Day Sucker”, is not on Songs Of The Key Of Life. It was included as part of a bonus EP that came with that album. I don’t know why “All Day Sucker” is not on the proper Songs album. Presumably, the four songs on the bonus EP were not good enough for the proper double-album. Hard to argue. That album has “Isn’t She Lovely” which wasn’t a single.


“All Day Sucker” slays me. It is, as you might say, a stone groove. Stevie Wonder plays nearly everything on the track. There is a backup singer and three different guitarists on the track. The rest is all Stevie: drums, synth bass, keyboards, Clavinet, and those vocals.


This is a miracle to me. This song wasn’t good enough to be on one of the best albums of all time and it was entirely composed and almost entirely performed in studio by a blind man. I know Prince can play all these instruments and guitar as well, but fuck him because he at least has the gift of sight.


Miracles really do happen. They aren’t completely implausible. They seem implausible sometimes.


Why are you looking at me like that?

Why are you looking at me like that?


My Top 5 Albums Of The Year!!!

December 11th, 2013

1. Kanye West “Yeezus”



I’ve been really not feeling like myself lately. It is almost as if life takes place all around me and I’m in a dead zone. Where has the passion in my life gone? How can you live without passion, without zeal for something? Anything? Someone on my Twitter feed wrote that if you lead a passionless existence, you’re dying a slow death.


2. Daft Punk “Random Access Memories”



I really don’t like the sun. That is a strange thing to admit out loud. But I need the sun. Everyone needs it. Even on a cold day, when the sun is out you feel that POW! of sunshine. It’s good for me. It’s a natural sort of pick-me-up. I’m too depressed to really appreciate the sun for what it does for people.


3. Miley Cyrus “Bangerz”



Losing interest in personal interaction. Disappearing into my own brain. No one cares. I don’t even care that much, to be honest.


4. Lady Gaga “ARTPOP”


Every now and then I want to cry out. I WANT TO BE LOVED! I’M JUST LIKE YOU! I feel out of place in the world. Perhaps I’m hiding. Just another consumer slowly dying like all the others. I see the through the illusion of our societal norms and yet that does not comfort me.


5. David Bowie “The Next Day”



I don’t know how to love. I don’t even love myself. How is that even possible? What is there to look forward to? Excitement has been replaced by dread. Sometimes I think I oughta let someone bash me in the skull with a hammer until blood and brain sprays everywhere. Just lay down like it’s guillotine time and take the hammer and sing all the songs from my favorite albums of the year.

Video Genre: Awkward Europe TV Lip-Sync

December 4th, 2013


Queen “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy” (1977, UK)

The BBC had a rule that bands couldn’t lip-sync their single on TV. However, they were allowed to re-record the song and lip-sync to that. That’s why this version sounds slightly different from the one you can buy commercially. Freddie doesn’t even care enough to continue playing piano from the third verse onward even though piano is clearly audible, and Brian shakes his head in disgust at a flubbed note in a solo even though it’s a lipsync. That takes talent, folks.



Boney M “Ma Baker” (Germany. 1977)

Why is this awkward? Well, two members of the band aren’t actually singers to start with. This is a proto-Milli Vanilli, with the male dancer miming to lyrics performed by producer Frank Farian (who would later attempt to foist MV on the world). More awkward in retrospect.



Abba “Voulez Vous” (1979, Spain)

Frida and Agnetha look like they are ready for aerobics. The guitarist looks like Roman Polanski with a blonde wig. I have never been sure which two were married to who. For all I know the men were married to each other.



Buggles “Video Killed The Radio Star” (Germany, 1979)

If this had been the video for that song, Todd Rundgren would have had the first video played on MTV instead.




Sparks “When I’m With You” (1980, France)

In a video where a bunch of people walk in and out of a sex shop, the two men in suits with the synthesizer somehow end up being the creepiest people. None of the perverts even think to toss them a mark for their trouble.



Kiss “I Love It Loud” (1982, Germany)

The audience looks baffled and mildly amused. Note that Kiss are not using the famous lightning “S” in their logo. These were banned in Germany after WWII. At least two members of Kiss are Jewish. The fog machine is really cheap looking. My favorite part is when they reveal a second set of microphones on stands further up the stage for the final chorus.



Jethro Tull “Broadsword” (1982, Germany)

The great punchline comes about 3:43 after the song fades out. It’s great to watch Ian Anderson go through his usual jester shenanigans (the rest of the band is dressed similarly but he’s the only one really committed to it) and hearing how shitty the Jethro Tull sound came across in the synthy early 80′s. These are the dreams Spinal Tap are made of.


Billy Idol “Eyes Without A Face” (1984, UK)

A Top Of The Pops performance where they didn’t even bother to bring in a backing band. Just Steve Stevens on axe and a backup singer. Billy flubs the lyrics. He looks blasted out of his skull on drugs. Imagine how shitty it would be to be booked on this and be told your song was ranked 33rd.

Country Music Where It Doesn’t Belong

May 25th, 2013

On several occasions this spring, I’ve taken in a sporting event. You may not care for hockey or baseball or pro wrestling but these are my ideas of a good time and I like to check them out when they are in my radius. And yet I’m as likely as not to be at an event that has some bonus entertainment preceding the game, in the form of some up-and-coming country singer performing a short set.


I went to a hockey game. Before the game, some country singer went on the ice and played a song about children fighting cancer. He yelled for everyone to stand up from their seats in support of the fight against cancer while he played the song.


I stayed in my chair.


Fuck him and his pandering, shitty song. I sat in the FRONT ROW not standing up against cancer. The Tim Ash Band. That’s who it was and they were hawking CDs and going on tour promoting their CD. Using a cause to promote your band? How disgusting.


I went to a pro wrestling show last night and (wonder of wonders) there was another country singer stinking up the joint. I won’t trash this guy because he was merely peddling his music on its’ own merits and not propping himself up on a charity like children with cancer, or the troops with cancer, or snails with spina bifida.


Country music tries to sneak in where it isn’t needed or really wanted. A guy with his guitar and that old redneck pop chord progression and overdone twang is just cockblocking the audience from the entertainment they spent their hard-earned money for. “Hey, do you like country music? Wanna hear it done poorly by a complete stranger?”


How would you feel if you went to a Brad Paisley concert and they opened the show with ten minutes of five-on-five full court basketball between two A.A.U. teams? I went to see Dierks Bentley at the Coliseum and before the opener came out two teenage ping-pong prodigies who are trying to raise money to go to South Korea for a big tournament played a friendly game to eleven. YES, IT WAS TOTALLY DISTRACTING.


Country music, fuck you. Go where you’re supposed to be. How you feel about gay marriage is how I feel about you.

Some Daft Punk Thoughts

May 15th, 2013

I don’t know if I can call this a proper review. Just some scattered thoughts.

  • Some context: I found out about Daft Punk through the video to “Around The World” whereupon I went to a music store and bought the Homework album in 1997. I had no idea what the rest of the album would sound like. I had no guarantee that I would like it. I liked a lot of Homework but at times I found it to be too much. I would go on to feel this way about their next two albums.
  • I am not considering Daft Punk’s score for the Tron: Legacy movie when putting these thoughts, nor do I think of it in the context of Daft Punk’s greater output. I consider it a one-off like Queen had with Flash Gordon, even if Daft Punk and/or their fans don’t.
  • So far I’ve gone three bullet points without talking about what their new album Random Access Memories sounds like. I should really be writing for Pitchfork at this pace.
  • “Touch” is by far the best track on the new album. Consider that the best track on the album was co-written and sung by a 71-year-old man who co-wrote the theme to The Love Boat.
  • Since Paul Williams is seventy-one, we should take some time to tell him how much we appreciate him while he’s still around.
  • I love how “Touch” is sequenced in between two songs sung by Pharrell Williams (no relation to Paul), a man who should not be allowed near a microphone for the purposes of singing. I also love how Pharrell’s vocals are the least electronically-treated vocals on the entire album. The worst singer on the album (including Daft Punk) is barely vocoded or whatever it is they do. I also love how the songs that Pharrell sings (“Get Lucky” and “Lose Yourself To Dance”) are nowhere near the worst thing on the album.
  • Speaking of “worst thing on the album,” Julian Casablancas of the Strokes should be fed to a woodchipper.
  • I can’t scientifically prove it but I’m certain there are more lyrics on this Daft Punk album then there were on the previous three combined.
  • There are three great songs on this album: “Touch”, “Giorgio By Moroder” and “Contact”. There might be a few good ones, depending on your individual tastes. If you like “Get Lucky”, you’ll probably like “Lose Yourself To Dance” as well. You might like the opening track “Give Life Back To Music”. Do you like Panda Bear? You might think “Doin’ It Right” is good because he sings on it. Same goes with “Instant Crush” and Julian Casablancas in which case YOU ARE WRONG GIVE UP.
  • Daft Punk modeled their new album after classic rock like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and Hotel California by The Eagles. Why? I’m being serious. Go to the Wikipedia for Random Access Memories (which has almost as many references as the OJ Simpson trial, another shitty thing that happened in California) and read for yourself. They really wanted to make an album like Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles. I don’t know why they threw Pink Floyd in there unless their goal is to make one of the best-selling albums of all time, which those three are certainly on the list.
  • Prediction: Random Access Memories will probably not become one of the best-selling records of all time. Or the decade. This year, maybe.
  • Fuck it. I’ve decided to sing on a dubstep remake of “Go Your Own Way”. Maybe I’ll do a chillwave version of “Tequila Sunrise”. What’s to stop me anymore? Has the whole world gone crazy?
  • I admit I’m being harsh on Julian but egad that song is terrible.



November Youtube Mixtape For Broads

November 1st, 2012

Guys don’t make mixtapes for other dudes. I assume. Maybe the gay guys do. Can’t discount them, no you can’t. No 20% off the homo-men.


Let’s do this. November Youtube Mixtape that I’m making for girls. This goes out to all of you. I love you. Let’s put our fingers in each other. You’ll get about eighty minutes of Youtube links and that’s it.


1. King Crimson, “Starless” (12.19)


A good way to start a mixtape is with a track that ended the actual album it was released on. You’re welcome. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if I decided to post a few really long songs on this like a lazy bum even though this was my idea and I have no obligation to do this.


2. Tom Waits, “Rainbirds” (3.15)


I just wanted to prove before things get out of hand that I sometimes listen to music created after 1980. This is another song that concludes an album. Also, an instrumental.


3. The Delfonics, “Didn’t I Blow Your Mind This Time” (3.34)


No, this is not that song from that Tarantino movie (yes it is). Shut up, bitch.


4. Jim Balcom, “Corrido Rock” (2.18)

Another instrumental, but it’s festive. How long will it take before I post Thomas Edison’s wire recordings?


5. Joe Cocker, “Woman To Woman” (4.28)


No, this is not the song from that Dr. Dre and 2Pac joint. Girl, you so stupid. By the way, I enjoy how (apart from “woman to woman”) Joe Cocker sings this without using a single word of English.


6. Loose Joints, “Is It All Over My Face” (11.57)


I know I posted this a few weeks ago, but I might as well put this in here. You’re getting some long tracks because fuck it that’s why. I don’t need a reason. Let’s dance and then let me put my hands in your pants.


Yes, you will be saying this song title later but in a different context.


7. National Lampoon, “Deteriorata” (4.19)


You’re doomed. Your life is over. Enjoy it. You are a fluke a the universe. You have no right to be here. Want me to take my cock out?


8. George Clinton, “Atomic Dog” (4.15)


Girl, this is NOT a cover of that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg song. Are you gonna let me put my tongue in there or not?


9. SSION, “My Love Grows In The Dark” (3.54)


I am contractually bound to post something from this century. How do you feel about anal play? What if you do it to me first?


10. Marvin Gaye, “After The Dance” (5.12)


Okay, we should definitely be having sex right now. I should have all my urine in your anal cavity or at least a good amount thereof. That’s how sex is done, right?


11. Nine Inch Nails, “The Perfect Drug” (5.21)


I would have posted a song from The Downward Spiral but that’s more of a gangbang album than a one-on-one sex album. I know this because of some videos I’ve seen on Xhamster.


12. R. Stevie Moore, “Answers” (3.30)


Would you hurry up and cum already? My hand is getting tired. You know what? Go ahead and get your Wand. Call out your uncle’s name for all I care.


13. Residents, “Six Things To A Cycle” (17.47)


Here’s what I play when I want to get rid of the girl after sex even if I’m at her house. If she stays and listens, second date. If she really likes it and wants to hear more, marriage material.

Another KP music update

July 16th, 2012

So here’s some relevant information in regards to actual Kentucky Prophet music that you may one day be able to hear. Last week, we had a recording session and cut drum tracks for six songs. Bearing that in mind, we are actually in the home stretch of finishing this album.


There are eleven songs that have been recorded for this album. All of them will probably end up on the album. Front to back, the total running time on the album will likely be about thirty-five minutes. It’s not a long album. I need to go re-record some fresh vocals on some songs before it’s done in the classic sense.


Also, I still don’t have an album title. I have several different ideas for album titles but don’t like any of them. It’s never too late for me to go with the self-titled route. No one does that any more.

A String Of Tweets For The Guy From Cracker

June 19th, 2012

David Lowery of Cracker wrote a thing that infuriated me. And this is how I responded on Twitter. To my knowledge, he doesn’t have a Twitter so I didn’t include an @. There is an @davidlowery but it’s not him. So some poor son of a gun got a torrent of hate he didn’t deserve from a lot of people.


If you find yourself compelled to find out just provoked this, you can find his blog online. I won’t link it. I don’t want to give him any more page views. I’m putting my response here because I want to post this in more than one forum for posterity.


  • David Lowery says that if more people had bought Vic Chestnut and Sparklehorse CDs, maybe they’d have more money and not killed themselves
  • Like there were lots more people clamoring for their music than who actually bought it.
  • Fewer consumers have attachment to music because there is too much of it. More new stuff all the time. We can stop now.
  • Music is like porn. We can actually stop making it as a whole for a few years if we want to. It’s not like we’d miss it.
  • There’s a bunch of stuff we haven’t heard yet that’s worth discovering. From years and decades past. And yet we crank it out like idiots.
  • Trust me, I’ve self-released eight albums (six of which I’m not completely embarrased by). Nobody needed any of it, but I needed to do it.
  • And I needed an audience to hear it. Did the small following I have/had support me? Yes, they have in their own way.
  • I can’t profess to know either Chestnut or Linkous at all, let alone like Lowery did. But to suggest that we as listeners let them down…
  • How asinine can you be? You wouldn’t accuse anyone close to them of letting them down. People who actually had an impact on their lives.
  • “Of the 75,000 albums released in 2010 only 2,000 sold more than 5,000 copies” HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU WANT ME TO BUY, FUCKDICK?
  • “Recorded music revenue is down 64% since 1999.” GAS COST $1.10 A GALLON IN 1999. WHAT SHOULD I BUY? GAS FOR WORK OR NEW LANA DEL REY? HMM..
  • David Lowery basically spent 2500 words telling off a 21-year-old girl. Fuck him in his paternalistic face.
  • His opening sentence: “My intention here is not to shame you or embarrass you.” And yet there’s a dissertation to follow.
  • “I’ve been teaching… about the economics of the music business at U. of Georgia for the last two years.” YOU LOVE TO HEAR YOURSELF TALK.
  • If I had never released any of my work, a few people might have been disappointed. That’s no reason to inflict it on the greater whole.
  • I’m not going to beg people to buy my music. If they want to, great. If not, fine. BECAUSE MOST THINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MUSIC.
  • Car payment? Insurance? Water bill? Metro card? Getting a new smartphone? ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY/ANYONE’S MUSIC.
  • I have been downloading Cracker albums all day. Not even listening to them, just to be a prick.