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Another Frustrating Democracy Non-Interaction

April 6th, 2017

If you are a keen reader, and you are probably not, you’ll remember some time ago I tried to participate in a MoveOn meeting with a representative of Senator Rand Paul at his Owensboro office. That went absolutely nowhere as the representative was not there, and neither was anyone from MoveOn dot com. To this day, I gnash my teeth at the thought of MoveOn and silently scream at the thought of Rand Paul.
Today, my state representative Matt Castlen was scheduled to appear at the Fordsville community room. I saw it on the sign in front while driving by on the way to Bowling Green. Thursday the 6th, 6:30 pm. I got it, I’ll be there.

I get there, there’s some people gathering. So I think I’ve got it. I really want to talk to Rep. Castlen. I mostly want to talk to him to make sure he doesn’t enable Gov. Bevin’s crazy agenda. In fairness, he voted against right-to-work but for the most part he has voted along with his Republican cohorts in the State House. I wanted to talk to him, hear him out.


Everybody there looked at me wondering who I was and what I was doing there. I explained what I was there for. They looked at me again very confused. I looked at them confused.

They had reserved the room for a Lions Club meeting.


One of them mentions that someone earlier had been by wondering the same thing I asked about. Another guy came in as well after me looking to meet with Rep. Castlen. He saw the same sign that I saw. It wasn’t up today. I don’t know what’s going on. 6:30 pm came and I felt foolish and went right back home.


One of these days I am going to meet somebody who has a role in our government and I will scream like a teenage girl seeing the Beatles from fifty yards away in 1964.

Some Political Phone Calls I’ve Made Recently

November 21st, 2016

November 21, I called the Democratic House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform at (202)225-5054 and asked for a thorough bipartisan investigation into Donald Trump’s finances. On the second try, I got through to a person who took my message.

Inauguration Day, 2017

Inauguration Day, 2017



November 20 just before midnight CST, I called the Morton County (ND) Sheriff’s Dept asking them to stand down and stop firing ice water and rubber bullets at unarmed protesters in 26 degree weather. I was given two numbers. 701-328-8118 (where I left a message) and 701-667-3330 (which was busy). In addition, I called North Dakota Governor Dalrymple in order to ask him to call off the MCSD but I was unable to get through. His office number is 701-328-2200


November 20, I called Speaker Paul Ryan’s office (202)225-3031 to participate in a poll he is conducting about Obamacare. I was not able to leave a message because I called after business hours but I think that is an option if you call during the regular business day. Press 1 if you support Obamacare. Press 2 if you oppose Obamacare. There is no option if you think Obamacare is a good idea but needs some fine-tuning.


November 20, I also called the Department of Justice at (202)353-1555 to suggest an audit of the 2016 Presidential ballot, given what the media has uncovered about Donald Trump’s debts to the Bank of China ($650 million), the Deutsche Bank (who the DoJ just fined $14 billion), and his links to Florida Attorney General/person who decided not to pursue the Trump University case after receiving a $25,000 bribe/Republican elector/member of Trump’s transition team Pam Bondi. You could see how a conflict of interest may arise, right?


I called Senator Rand Paul’s office in D.C. twice, once on the 16th, and again on the 18th. That number is (202)224-4343. I called on one occasion asking Sen. Paul to condemn the Steve Bannon appointment. I called on another occasion asking for him to join in a bipartisan investigation in the link between the Trump campaign and the Russians.


November 17, I called Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen (360)-786-7682 about his bill to criminalize protest that blocks commerce and transportation. He seems to believe that George Soros is really paying people to protest and disrupt and terrorize communities. I left a message against this intended legislation. Here is where you can read more about what he plans.


November 17, I called the Republican House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform at (202)205-5074 and asked for an investigation into Donald Trump’s finances. The same as I asked from the Dem. House Committee days later.


On November 14 and 16, I called the Bowling Green office of Congressman Brett Guthrie (R-Ky) representing Kentucky’s 2nd district. I called asking for a condemnation of the Bannon appointment and the problem with Russian meddling in a Presidential election. That office number is (270)842-9896. I left a message both times and made sure to point out that I lived in his district.




(Vicious caption under innocent photo goes here)


November 16, I called Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin at (502)564-2611 and was put through to a voicemail. I left a message asking that his 2017 goals include hiring more workers for the Benefind call center and making the Benefind website more user-friendly.
November 14 and 15, I called Mitch McConnell’s office in D.C. at (202)224-2541. I wanted him to condemn the Bannon appointment. He is the Senate Majority Leader and a prominent, influential Republican. No messages were accepted, my call was not picked up. Who was I kidding? The difference between Mitch McConnell and a turtle is that a turtle has some type of skeleton.


On November 16, I called Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services. After eight attempts to even get on the line, I was put on hold for about fifty-three minutes, much of which was spent listening to a fifteen-second tune that repeated. After I got a human on the line, I was able to deal with what was essentially an accounting error. I had spent an hour on the phone trying to deal with somebody else’s error. It was then that I realized that the next four years would be like.





Compassion For The Other

November 11th, 2016

Just before 1 in the morning Frankfort time, my esteemed governor tweeted this.



It seems that the governor is a night person. Well, I’m also a night person but I can’t tweet him because he blocked me. So I e-mailed him. I e-mailed him about compassion. Compassion for the other.



I just saw your private twitter about the “silliness” that is going on at a public university.
May I tell you a story about something I saw recently? I hope you read this.
The day after the election, a friend and I went to a Mexican restaurant in Owensboro for dinner and to talk. We were pretty blown away by the presidential election. Didn’t expect Trump to win. After all, the polls unanimously had Clinton ahead up to Election Day.


In the hour-plus I was at the restaurant, I saw a white guy march in from outside and yell “WHOOO-HOOO TRUMP!” You ever watch that Adam Sandler movie “Billy Madison”? Remember the kid O’Doyle who pranked Billy and said “O’DOYLE RULES!” It was kind of like that. Keep in mind, we’re in a Mexican restaurant. With a Mexican staff. Latino cooks, Latino servers.


Remember what Trump said about Mexican illegals. “They bring crime, they bring drugs. They’re rapists.” I don’t know if these particular Latinos were illegal, but I hope you’d agree this was kind of a… pardon me for saying… dick move.


Then, I see another white guy in a bright red Make America Great Again cap and bright red t-shirt with TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT in big white letters on the front. He was a customer. He’d come in wearing that and then went to the register and paid for his meal, talking about how great the Trump rally in Evansville had been.


Now, I know it’s no crime to wear that stuff anywhere and I wouldn’t suggest that it be made a crime. But again, a dick move at the very least. It’s also intimidation. I shouldn’t need to tell you how.


If this were an ideal society where people treated each other with basic respect then maybe a Trump presidency wouldn’t be cause for alarm. But in about a half-hour in a Mexican restaurant, I saw two separate incidents of whites acting aggressively. All over the country there have been dozens of incidents over the last two days where Trump voters have accosted, harassed, attacked and even murdered people of color and members of the LGBTQ community.


Again, if we all treated each with respect, people wouldn’t need grief counselors over an election. But people are incredibly nasty both online and in person. Mr. Trump’s victory has galvanized angry white people into violence. Minorities being afraid for their lives and needing counseling on a university campus, is not “silliness”, to bring it all back home.


Do not dismiss these people’s concerns as silly.


You are a man of faith, I gather. My faith has lapsed, but one verse that sticks with me is in Matthew which I am paraphrasing now: “then the Lord said, ‘truly what you did for the least of these is what you for me’.” Our country has many people of color, LGBTQ and disabled who do not share the same freedoms as others. Second-class citizens, if you will.


If people who do not have the same rights as us are not the least of these, then who is?


Michael Farmer
Whitesville, Kentucky

Mike & The Governor: A Buddy Comedy

November 3rd, 2016

Can two people who have never met drive each other to insanity? I think it is possible. bevinvsmike


If I could share the Governor’s half of the conversation, I would. As it is, it looks like some sort of “Garfield Minus Garfield” thing where I am screaming and reacting to nothing like a deranged Jon Arbuckle.


Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I kept haranging the man on Twitter so he blocked me. So maybe he’s a little more together than I am at this moment. Him and Corey Feldman.

I Go To Confront My Enemy

June 25th, 2016

I didn’t think I had any real enemies but I do. The governor of my own state is my enemy and he has a hard-on for making me and my fellow Kentuckians miserable. Perhaps he has it in his mind that he can turn the state into a giant smoking crater between now and 2019, the year where he will (hopefully) be voted the hell out of office.

Moments later, the cat was appointed to UL Board of Regents

Moments later, the cat was appointed to UL Board of Regents

This is irrational. Matt Bevin doesn’t hate me, does he? He doesn’t know me. And yet by tinkering with health care in Kentucky he keeps messing with me. I can’t help but take it personally even though it affects over a million other people.


There’s a public hearing on Tuesday in Bowling Green. I am going to address the changes Bevin wants to make to health care in Kentucky. The auditorium where the meeting is being held has capacity of about 160. It’s being held at ten in the morning. One of three meetings being held in the state, along with Frankfort and Hazard. He should have a meeting in Louisville as well but I doubt the University of Louisville would be hospitable after he fired the University Board of Regents and replaced then with his own handpicked stooges.


This will be a moment when I make my voice heard. I will have to stand up. I can’t stand up very well or for very long but I will stand up and I speak my piece. I may start shouting and cursing. He isn’t me. He doesn’t know what the average Kentuckian goes through. His life has been one of overwhelming privilege and now he tries to save money by punishing the poorest citizens while giving $18 million to some creep to build a fake Ark that won’t even float.


I have written from the safety of my home, on this website, on social media. I’ve made numerous phone calls to Frankfort. It’s not enough. I have to stand up and be counted as someone who said “no” to all this shit. No sideline garbage. I am the man for my times whether I want to be or not.

Terminally Disgruntled

May 18th, 2016

The Kentucky primary is over. We have elected a new President six months to go until the election. Many people, journalists primarily, have compared these campaign seasons in the past to a “death march”. Fuck city. Add Guy Clark to the list of dead cool people in 2016. I blame Hillary and Trump and I might also blame Bernie depending on what happens between now and July.


Hillary and Bernie fought to a virtual tie in Kentucky, splitting up 50 delegates evenly. This would been inconceivable even eight years ago when Hillary solidly defeated Barack Obama and won all the state’s delegates. Assume the state is going solidly for Trump in November. Accept it. It will be called the moment the polls close in the east.


I am terminally disgruntled and have been longer than I can remember. How did a healthy cynicism turn into a chronic condition? And when did it become terminal? When did the rot set in?


I could sit here and examine my navel and look at my options. Donald Trump lives his life like it’s side four of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” just before “Stop”/”The Trial”. He is a shaman of word salad, an Oompa-Loompa confidence man. He is the pep rally the disgruntled right wants. He’s bad at investments, worse at land development, worst of all with women. He’s so good at business he has filed for bankruptcy. Four times. He hosted a reality game show and Stone Cold Steve Austin gave him a Stunner. One cunthair away from the White House.


Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, is in a loveless marriage. It is unlikely she has shared a bed with her husband since 2001. Who could blame her with some of the things he has been accused of? Google “Bill Clinton Jeffrey Epstein” and prepare to feel awful afterward. You can’t feel bad for her because she stay hitched to his wagon. For what reasons? Because she loves him? To piggyback off his political goodwill? Because spouses can’t be legally compelled to testify against each other? For Chelsea (age 36)?


Bernie. By default the most likable candidate left, but his most rabid followers rival that of Trump’s. Death threats against the Nevada Democratic party chairwoman. Are these people just a few bad apples in an overwhelmingly well-mannered, good-intentioned bunch of Bernie supporters? Is the entire Bern movement being painted with the same brush as that of a few isolated crazies in order to diminish Sanders’ momentum? Perhaps Bernie Sanders himself can’t contain the movement anymore, or wants to foment his fans at least until the Democratic convention in July?


Or maybe Hillary has developed 25 years worth of friends and favors in her public life and intends on calling them all in because this is her last shot at the White House. It’s her turn. Right? It has to be. We have to give this sociopathic crone the Presidency lest it fall into the hands of the Orange Shaman of Stupid. That’s the big nightmare we’re being told about. Trump = Apocalypse Earth. So vote for Hillary because she’s not the worst option. That’s the sales pitch for autumn ’16.


It’s a stomach-churning affair. Six more months. It’s like watching a shitty NFL season and capping it off with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl, only worse. The crushing inevitability of it all. Terminally disgruntled. The rot sets in. Soul corrosion.


You see? This started off nice and then got bitter real quick. I can’t help it.

Four Hours In The Hole With Benefind

March 30th, 2016

Here is my edited-for-clarity live Twitter rant of my attempt to get my state medical benefits recertified.


Long story short: I lost state benefits sometime between January and the beginning of March. How much of this had to do with me failing to recertify and how much had to do with Matt Bevin’s installation of the Benefind portal as a substitute for the well-working KyNect I’m not sure.

I spent four hours on the phone. It was a difficult experience. You will see below. I’ve added some notes afterward as a postscript.





Yesterday I got the number from the ombudsman and left a phone message. I referenced that in part one above. They returned my call shortly after this tweet rant and promised to get back to me with any information they could within a few days. I have some more forms coming in the mail that I will have to turn in to my local office but I don’t know how I’ll do with that on account of my phobia which I haven’t told people about BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T DISCLOSE THEIR PHOBIAS FOR OTHERS TO KNOW. Did you know that the Undertaker from the WWE has a fear of cucumbers? Sounds stupid doesn’t it? Not to me. I can’t open my mail.

I Challenge The Governor To A Cockfight

February 10th, 2016

Dear Governor Matt Bevin,

I have watched with great interest over the first weeks of your term as Governor of our fine state. I voted against you because of many reasons: you siding with Kim Davis over the law, you wanting to dismantle the KyNect system, your attendance at a cockfighting rally.


I have tried to be a gentleman in my opposition to you. I don’t want you to be the Governor but you are. I wish you would lose the terrible courage of your terrible convictions. It’s easy to take away from those who already who have little, especially when you’re doing well for yourself. Some people are born on third base and think they earned a triple. You seem like one of these privileged types and those are the people of good fortune I can’t stand. They usually lack the self-awareness to see they have had more good breaks than an average person and put down others for not working hard enough.


Let me be clear: many of our humble neighbors in Kentucky and throughout the U.S. don’t want a handout. They all had variations on the same dream, that they would work hard and have something to show for it. Unfortunately, many of them don’t have anything to show for their hard work and to add insult, they are made to feel like its their fault somehow. . . by the wealthy elite who control big business and government. The same people who used the law to work things in their favor and simultaneously disenfranchise the general public. You are the Governor, you are the power elite now and you would rather save a few bucks than help your constituents.


This is why I want to challenge you to a cockfight. A chicken fight, as it were.


Keep in mind, I don’t own a fighting chicken, nor do I expect that you would. I don’t have any chickens. But I bet I could find the right people to talk to in acquiring a good fighting chicken and the little blades they wear when they fight. I have never been to a cockfight, either. Because (one) it’s illegal and (two) the cops would not appreciate my answer to why I’d go to a cockfight in the first place. “I’m here for the people watching, Officer.”


I’ve tried various means to subvert your work. I’ve subtweeted you. I’ve tweeted you directly. I’ve also tried to flirt with your Treasurer online to see if I could bring you down from the inside. I’ve e-mailed my local representatives about your ridiculous notions and your in(s)ane excuse for a fiscal budget.


It’s time to take this to an absurd level. I’m challenging you, Gov. Bevin, to a motherfucking cockfight. Because you are a goddamn son of a harlot and I can’t stand the idea of another three years and eleven months minimum with you in charge.


You seem to think big business money would do well for the state instead of using federal government resources, so I say we put this motherfucking chicken fight on at the venue of your choice and charge attendance. I just looked it up: it is not against Kentucky state law to attend a cockfight. We should find out if the Yum! Center is available. Think about it, Gov. 22,000 people packed into the Yum! Center to watch a motherfucking chicken fight. The money we could use that for. Think of the pay-per-view possibilities. Big goddamn business, you fucking idiot asshole.


Here’s my stipulations for the big motherfucking chicken fight.

  1. We each pick a fighting cock as a proxy for the battle.
  2. You make it where you and I don’t get in trouble for this because you’re the fuckin’ asshole Governor who can do dumb shit and get away with it.
  3. If your chicken wins, you can stay in charge and I’ll take it like I’ve been taking the shit my whole life.
  4. BUT if my chicken somehow wins, by the grace of the Good Lord Himself, you resign as the Governor and you fuck off back to New Hampshire.
  5. If none of the above four steps are doable, I’m willing to have a MMA bout to the death with you, Kickboxer 4-style. I actually hope you decide you want this option because cockfighting is gross and stupid.


I know I’m being hypocritical in suggesting a cockfight even though I think it’s gross and stupid but I consider you a gross and stupid man who would enjoy such a thing. In the marketplace of ideas, you are one broke piece of shit peddling austerity like Kentucky is the Greece of the U.S.


I’m fooling myself, aren’t I? I know you won’t accept a fistfight or a cockfight. You won’t even dignify it with a response. Not because of the moral turpitude involved but because doing it would give you a chance to see Kentuckians up close. You’d finally get to see what your constituents feel about you, for good or ill.


Fuck you, fuckstick.


Mike Farmer






Is There A Mr. Treasurer?

January 7th, 2016

Barely a month in to Governor Bevin’s first year in Frankfort and I’m already steamed. I practically got steam pouring out of my ears. I mean the guy has already started slashing budgets like a bureaucratic Jack The Ripper, going after the Transportation Cabinet budget. I mean it’s not like we need good roads or anything.


Ohhhh, hello.


(be still my loud beating heart, there is a lady present)




You’ll have to excuse me, m’lady. It’s just that this Matt Bevin is a real creepazoid and I fear he’s going to send our state deep into the third world.




What’s that? You’re Allison Ball, Kentucky State Treasurer and Bevin appointee? Oh, well, how doooo you do?


(smile, Mike, but not too long or too hard. . . you don’t want to come off like a weirdo)


You’ll have to pardon me, Treasurer Ball. I just feel as if the Governor is more dedicated to a set of ideals and beliefs than he is in improving the lot of a state that ranks in the bottom third in most categories ranging from education to average income to. . .


You have the nicest smile.




Urghm. . . no, I appreciate that the Governor has a set of principles. Don’t get me wrong. I just think that compromise is necessary sometimes, especially when making decisions that affect the lives of millions of Kentucky residents.



Allison. . . Allison. . . that’s a really nice name. Ever listen to Elvis Costello?


Obviously, we’re not going to see eye-to-eye ideologically. You’re a Republican and I’m. . . I wouldn’t say a Democrat although I am registered as one. I would definitely admit to leaning to the left on a lot of things. I don’t think that’s any great sin.


(okay, Hail Mary time, big man. . . you can do this)


I think we both want what’s best for Kentucky, even if we don’t necessarily agree on how to get there. That doesn’t mean we can’t reach across the aisle, if you will, and have a meaningful dialogue. You feel me?




This may sound forward, but I really want to be a part of your story.


(Oh my God, did you really just say that?)


Really, Treasurer Ball, think about it. How are we going to have a dialogue if we just think of each other as these one-dimension stereotypes of liberals and conservatives? I’m not just some knee jerk tax-and-spend Obamadroid like you’re not some libertarian wackadoo Paultard. We’re both human beings, with beating hearts, and flesh and blood. . . with wants and needs. . . you have needs, don’t you? I certainly do.


Give Me A Reason

November 3rd, 2015

In all likelihood, Matt Bevin will be the next Governor of Kentucky.

I’d like to talk about Jack Conway for a moment. Jack Conway is the Democratic nominee for Governor. He will lose tonight. Democrats have traditionally done well running for Governor in Kentucky. Bevin is the 2nd Republican in 40 years to win the gubernatorial election. 2 times in 40 years. That’s practically Washington Generals numbers.


I am proud to say that I cast my vote today for Jack Conway. Actually, I voted against Matt Bevin, as nearly everybody who voted for Conway did today. We did several years ago, in 2010, when we voted for Conway against Rand Paul. Conway lost that too.


Two of the most notoriously ugly characters in politics and Conway couldn’t beat them. In 2010, Rand Paul screwed the pooch when he said he didn’t totally agree with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A college anecdote where he was kidnapped a girl and attempted to make her worship a god he called “Aqua Buddha” was bad. He was a carpetbagger who got a trunk of cash from his daddy’s political backers. Then there was the incident where the Paul supporter stomped on the girl from MoveOn. And Kentucky overwhelmingly elected Paul in spite of Conway. 56 to 44 percent. That’s a beating.


In 2010, Jack Conway could not beat a semi-racist, carpetbagging kidnapper. So when the Democrats trotted him out to represent the party in 2015, they deserved everything they got if and when he got beat. Bevin is way worse.


Bevin gave a speech at a pro-cockfighing rally. Last year. April 2014. This man got the majority of the votes today.


You can blame all the people who didn’t vote in this election. You can blame the third party candidate Drew Curtis, who gained four percent of the vote. You can blame big money for funneling money into negative ads. You can blame anyone you want but the blame really belongs to the Kentucky Democrats who nominated Conway.



Look at this punchable face. Voting for this creep is like voting for Marmalard from Animal House. I need a reason to vote for a candidate. Look at the Presidential candidates. Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson or Donald Trump, but the people who are behind them are really behind them.


This whole strategy of letting your opponent show his ass when it comes to civil rights or cockfighting isn’t enough if your counterstrategy is to play the wall. There’s somebody else in this race? Every vote today for Conway was in truth a vote against a dangerous idiot like Bevin.


I’ll say it again. When you expect Jack Conway to carry the banner for your party, you deserve everything you get.