I Have To Be A Lonely Warrior

June 16th, 2017

Today in Japan it is the 17th of June, which means this is the birthday of Minoru Suzuki who turns 49.


I wrote a blog about a year-and-a-half ago called “(The) Minoru Suzuki Rules” in which I spewed forth about my love and awe of this terrifying violent man. I won’t link it for you, but I’ll take the time to make a Top Ten Five list about the man. This frightening dead-eyed wraith from a distant land who may very well be the wrestling equivalent of the Grim Reaper. Golly, he’s just so wonderful.


  1. The Hair. This is a man who has made a sound decision to live with that haircut. He knows that if anybody makes fun it, he could pound them into jelly with his fists. He hopes they make fun of his haircut just so he’ll have an opportunity to do so.
  2. The theme song. “Kazi Ni Nare”


The only English lyrics in this song are at the end when the woman sings “I have to be a lonely warrior”. I sing that to myself whenever I try to flirt with chicks. That has nothing to do with Minoru Suzuki.


3. He guest-starred in a Japanese cartoon.  In the ’70s on Scooby Doo, they had Mama Cass and the Harlem Globetrotters. Japan is a better country than this one.

4. One time he wrestled a guy in an empty baseball stadium.

I’ve been to baseball parks to watch wrestling shows. I think this time instead of having a public event they simply snuck into the arena to have the match and post the video online. Guerrilla freestyle comedy wrestling.


5. This is also not the first Minoru Suzuki match you should watch.


However, this quickie against “Sublime Master Thief” Toru Yano is a capsule of Minoru in action. In NBA terms, Minoru Suzuki would be LeBron James. Everybody knows that LeBron James is better than Andre Iguodala, even Iggy knows that. LeBron kicks his ass for all 48 minutes and gets the good calls from the ref but somehow stupid AI gets to be the Finals MVP because the Warriors win the series.

What I’m saying is Toru Yano wins a fluke in seven minutes with a rollup.


Look, there are better written articles about this great terrifying maniac. Go read them if you want actual useful info on the guy. He is a legitimate fighter, a legend in the world of MMA, an old-school presence, an aura of menace in a sanitized corporate world. A lonely warrior on the edge of time. God bless him.

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