Fresh Tendrils

May 18th, 2017

It’s not right or fair. Feels like a dick-slap reprise from 2016, a year that had many unfair passings. Chris Cornell, he of Soundgarden, Audioslave and his own solo career, dead at the age of fifty-two in his hotel room after a concert in Detroit.


I’m listening to Superunknown, Soundgarden’s biggest album. “Black Hole Sun” just came on. I can’t do this right now. I’m too choked up. Like a piece of my teenage life is now dead and gone.


Dear Chris, I wish I knew you. Knowing that I could not stop you, I wish you would have said why. Dammit, man.


To everybody else: Too often we ask the suicidal and the suffering to reach out when they need help. What are we really saying? I guess we mean it in a broad sense. But if you’ve ever been suicidal, if you’ve ever felt close to that point, then you know how hard it is to reach out. Why are you asking someone in a difficult, weakened state to reach out when that’s often the hardest thing for them to do? A part of them is wanting to die. They don’t want to be here. They don’t feel like they deserve the help anyway. It might be as hard for a suicidal person to ask for help as it is for a drug or alcohol addict to ask for help.


Try to keep your heart and eyes open. You reach out for a change. You throw a line out there in case somebody needs it. You be a friend when somebody needs it. You give love and consideration. You have no idea what a better world you can make if you do that.

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