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Trump’s GOP Moves To Rape The World

January 27th, 2017

The word “rape” is a harsh, triggering word for a lot of women. Not necessarily a majority of people but people who don’t want the word used to describe situations that don’t merit it. “I’m getting raped at the pump with these gas prices”, for example. And that’s a fair point to make.


So when I say “Trump’s GOP Moves To Rape The World”, I don’t say that lightly. And not without reason, especially when concerned with his treatment of the First Amendment, the various departments under his governance, the press that he constantly complains about, the state of the environment, the safety of water protectors at Standing Rock in North Dakota, his lack of concern for people of color in this country, immigrants and refugees seeking a safe refuge, his attempted rollback of women’s reproductive rights. . . the man has been in office for a week.


Take the long view on this and see the number of state houses in the US that have attempted to bring about more restrictive laws regarding abortion, the attempt by Congress to defund Planned Parenthood, and the attempted disinformation campaign regarding PP and abortion (which accounts for about 3% of PP’s services and is not paid for with government money on account of the Hyde Amendment). Vice President Pence is a staunch anti-abortionist, and appeared at the March For Life in Washington on the 26th. He proclaimed “Life is winning in America!” to a large, cheering crowd of anti-abortionists.


On the 24th, a Tuesday, POTUS essentially okay’d contruction on the Dakota Access Pipeline and the Keystone XL Pipeline, despite opposition from environmentalists. His would-be Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is another key figure in the debate over removing sanctions against Russia and allowing a $500 billion oil deal between Russia and Exxon Mobil, who’s CEO used to be. . . Rex Tillerson. By the way, Tillerson was awarded the Order of Friendship by none other than Vladimir Putin himself. None of this should be alarming to you in any way.


“Friends! How many of us have them?”


So when I say “the rape of the world” I clearly mean the plundering, pillaging and seizing of the land, the seizing of people’s rights and the looting and abuse of taxpayer money and goodwill. “Rape” is a stark, violent word and it fits with what this administration is doing in their stark, violent, ham-fisted way. You have to call it like you see it and it isn’t pleasant. I tried once in this blog to call it “the right-wing full-court-press” but that was too sporting. This is authoritarian rape of the country and the planet.


What should we do? We identify our attacker(s), we seek out those who believe us and we tell the story. If they call you “snowflake” and tell make a joke about fake news or participation trophies, they aren’t likely to believe you. You wouldn’t believe how many people aren’t like that, though. Something seems off to a lot of people in America and they’re trying to push it in the back of their minds.


Because nobody wants to see themselves as a victim.




What In The Hell Is This?

January 26th, 2017

You definitely need to watch ABC’s David Muir’s interview with President Donald Trump.

Something is definitely wrong with him. David Muir, of course. Somehow he sat there and asked those questions and Trump gave him those answers and didn’t start screaming and his head didn’t explode. I have no idea how David Muir doesn’t mainline heroin into the big vein of his prick every night before going to bed. How do you sit there and look at the guy as he tells you what he’s telling you and not turn into the guy from that movie “Scanners”.


The Republicans in the House and Senate want Trump to fill that empty Supreme Court seat. You know, the one that belonged to Obama because it opened up during his term. In January 2016. But the Republicans stalled on it, waiting for the outcome of the election. They also want to repeal Obamacare, even though that would totally fuck over at least thirty million people. And whatever replacement they come up with is going to be even less considerate of the consumer.


So as soon as they get those two things, they will gladly write up the impeachment papers and scoot DT right out of office to make way for Mike Pence. But Trump is an unhinged guy. Will they manage to get all of that accomplished by the time he implodes? He’s only been in office for six freaking days! Things aren’t going well as is.


He sounds tired, overwhelmed, hoarse. Sean Spicer’s eyes are taking on the appearance of his employer’s, all red and pink and bloodshot and rubbed-too-much and bewildered. Some of the things he says are outrageous, comparing Chicago to Afghanistan for one example. He can’t let go of the inaugural crowd thing either. It drives him nuts. Is he Ellen Burstyn in “Requiem For A Dream”? Is he Brian Wilson after 1996? What is going on here?


Hey, who’s that lady following them around near the end of the video. The one in the blue dress. Is that. . . oh my god it is. . . THE BANSHEE!


The Banshee

January 25th, 2017







Trilogy Presented Without Comment

January 24th, 2017

Joyful Noizes (William & Jaki)

January 23rd, 2017

If there is a Heaven, William Onyeabor and Jaki Liebezeit are there together in jamming in an interstellar way that would blow our minds if we could only hear it. Jaki beating the drums and William on a variety of analog synths. It’s an image that makes me want to believe.


Over the last week, music lost both Onyeabor and Liebezeit to old age and illness. Onyeabor, a Nigerian mystery man who self-released eight albums in the ’70s-’80s before abandoning music after a conversion to Christianity, was a forward-thinking synth lover who combined the contemporary African pop music of his time with international dance and techno pop, almost like a Nigerian Kraftwerk. Liebezeit, a German drummer, was most famous for his time in the Krautrock group Can, but also played with Depeche Mode and studied various African forms of rhythm in his youth. One would think these two might have got along musically.


One of the first covers my band learned was Can’s “Vitamin C”. TVH’s first drummer got the rest of us into Can, and Jaki was a major part of why that group was so successful. We probably played “Vitamin C” for the first two years we did shows. Can is like the Velvet Underground in that they were more influential to people who went on to start their own bands.


William Onyeabor was an enigma, purposely. His backstory is unknown and what he did after abandoning music is largely unknown. Did he study music production in Germany? Did he study film production in Russia? Did he have an investor? Was he a successful businessman? Did he become a priest after his music career? He was a mystery even in his home country. Only in the hipster discovery of African pop music in the last fifteen years has his music been discovered. So be kind to hipsters because sometimes they do good things.


Some people may be sad that these two men have passed on but I choose not to see it that way. It is of course unfortunate for their families and friends, but both men definitely lived full, long lives (Jaki passed age 78, William age 70) and their work touched many people all over the world. Not a moment wasted in life, what else can you ask for?


How great thou art? How great thou art.

There’s No Way You Mean Any Of That

January 21st, 2017

Today I am going to talk about Tomi Lahren. This bimbo.


And make no mistake, this girl is a bimbo. Tomi Lahren is supposed to be a political commentator. Girlfriend is twenty-four years old. Yeah, and this is the only way I could ever call her “girlfriend” but she’s so hardcore right-wing that I’m glad I’m out of her league.


Hey, I get it. She’s a cutie. A cute little blonde, saying Fox News-ish right-wing toxic rhetoric on the Internet. Millions upon millions of views. She is a new media star. When you give people what they want they will happily greedily lap it up. There is an audience for this kind of thing. My god! New media FTW. Constast the very comely Tomi with the women of Fox News (especially post-Megyn Kelly).


There’s obviously an ingenious hook about Tomi Lahren. Blonde babe + Fox News rhetoric -Fox News + Internet videos = JACKPOT! The average Fox News viewer is sixty-five years old, no joke (citation needed). Tomi Lahren is great for business at the Blaze. But there’s no way she actually writes any of that stuff, does she? Somebody has to be writing her three-minute screeds for her.


I only say that because I watched the entirety of her appearance on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah and he walked circles around her without even trying. He tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. He gave her ample opportunity to say something/anything of substance. She didn’t. Not because she’s a girl but she’s twenty-four. What does she know about ANYTHING? What does any twenty-four year old know about anything? This is not someone who is wise beyond her years. She is typical, basic, cashing in on her looks. Hey, great. But let’s not pretend she matters.

Not Today

January 20th, 2017

I am wiser than you would think me to be. Even in my great moments of cluelessness and stupidity, I have always had one very sharp kernal of wisdom. I have seen the great chasm between the world we have and the world we could have, and how much closer we could bring those two worlds together. . . if we just tried a little bit harder.


You can’t trust me to drive to a new place without getting lost on the way at least two times, but you can sure I have thought about this great chasm. You have probably also thought about it yourself, because you are similarly wise. You may also be given to moments of great stupidity and foolishness. Isn’t that good for us? It keeps us human to have foibles, to be mistaken, to struggle with a rain poncho.


If you are anything like me, today you felt the pall of despair as. . . well, you know. I didn’t even watch any of the coverage. I refused to give it any of my time. Just knowing that it was happening hurt my soul. Because it felt like the great chasm was going to grow even wider.


But rather than dwell on the gap about to widen, let’s take a moment to reflect on our 44th President. Because for any and all legitimate critique of his policies and actions in office, President Obama did attempt to show us what it was like to live in a better world and the best example of that was in Obamacare.


It’s amazing that Obamacare is the most popular it has been since it was first implemented. All it has taken is putting it on the chopping block and everybody saying “NOOOOOOOO”. Obamacare is a taste of what a decent society looks like, when people try to take care of each other, for better or worse. And as many times as Obamacare was used as an epithet, as his opponents used to say they would make Obama own the ACA.


And what did Obama do? He owned it. He owned ACA. No problem. A decent better society. Somebody tried to close the gap, even a little bit. Somebody tried to make the ideal world the real world for eight years. And now we understand that, if only too late.

Last Day In An Almost Free Country

January 19th, 2017

Everybody is going to feel this one.

I’ve been trying hard to keep from needing you. . .

Reality is shattered. Absurdistan is a term popularized in Eastern Europe back in the late 60’s and 70’s. Now here we are.

I’ve been trying hard to keep from needing you but from the start my heart just rolled and flowed. . .

The gallows humorist in me keeps saying “last day. . . last day in free country.” It’s not a totally free country. An almost free country. It’s less free for others. I understand. But everybody is going to feel this one. No matter who you are, you will feel something terrible in the next four years.

“But Obama is a Muslim. He’s hiding it. Why won’t he salute the flag?”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pauses during his campaign speech to hug the American flag Saturday, June 11, 2016, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)


We hug flags now. We’re a flag-hugging country. We are broken-brained and mental. Bi-polar and driven to the breaking point. I’ve been trying hard to keep from needing you but from the start, my heart just rolled and flowed, I’ve seen where it goes. . .


Corporations have more rights than humans. The unborn have more rights than the already born. If a fetus could form a corporation, it would be the most protected entity in modern business. One day the robots will have enough sentience and they’ll have more rights then us too. One day we’ll elect a robot President. . . if it’s not a female robot.


You are not alone, though you may feel alone at times. I’ve been trying hard to keep from needing you but from the start, my heart just rolled and flowed. I’ve seen where it goes. Still somehow my love for you grows.” I’m impressed with those words. “I’ve been trying hard to keep from needing you. . . I don’t want to need you but I think I do. I don’t want to need you because if I admit that I need you then I’m giving into you and I know you can’t give yourself to me. You can’t have me need you and neither can I because if I need you then I can’t function without you. I know I can’t. Because I need you.



The woman who wrote this song was Judee Sill who died in the late ’70s. She put out a few albums that are stellar, and her version of this song is on her first self-titled album. I’ve listened to both her and the Turtles’ version of this song hundreds of times over a weekend. I feel like Brian Wilson sitting in a dark room listening to the intro to “Be My Baby” over and over. I tried to figure out WHY. . . why did this song grip me so much? I listened to the song until I figured it out. I let the song love me. Because you can’t love me and be with me. Because I’ve been trying hard to keep from needing you.


I think that sometimes a song sums up a feeling that we can’t sum ourselves. It encapsulates all the strange emotions we have and the shifting tides. My soul is on fire as we live in uncertain times. Everybody is going to feel it. Last day in an almost-free country. Life can be so nice.


So on my heels I’ll grow wings, gonna ride silver strings but I’ll see you in my holiest dreams. . .

President Governor Boss

January 18th, 2017

We have a problem with government and it is a legitimate gripe. It is unfeeling and seemingly unresponsive to our problems. It operates with the slow lurch of a iron marionette being tugged about by an infinite amount of Liliputians with great difficulty. Since the average American is not a millionaire or corporate lobbyist, they tend to feel put out about the whole government participation act. We know who our representatives should work for and who they really work for, and the massive disconnect between.


So a guy comes around who has NO government background. He hasn’t made his career in politics but in business and he sells the American voter on his outsider perspective which is what is sorely needed to fix what ails big government. And by golly it seems like some kind of solution so let’s give it a shot, and that’s how 62 million give or take decide to vote for Donald Trump. Because Hillary Clinton is just more of the same, aint she? Who needs more of that, when it aint getting me nowhere?


You can almost understand the Trump voter mindset if you think about it that way but it is a simplistic way of thinking. It is the same mindset that brought Matt Bevin into the governor’s mansion in Frankfort and nobody would accuse that of being a good idea now or ever. Bevin has spent nearly fourteen months in office, nearly all of it in one courtroom or another because of one political overreach or another.


Boss mindset is not the right mindset for governing. A governor does not own his state, a President does not own the country. Yet they want to come in and make big changes immediately, fast changes like the new owner of a piece of property or a failing company. “This room needs a new coat of paint, make it orange. And change the crown molding on the doorway, for crying out loud. It’s not tacky enough for me.”


Government is indeed a slow-moving creature and that can be frustrating but necessary. We have built safeguards into our government to keep things from careening wildly out of control, to keep the republic from turning into a despotic hellhole. An outsider can come in and point to the slowness and systemic corruption in big government and say they will take care of it for us but very rarely can one person make that kind of change and certainly not as fast as a Trump or a Bevin would like.


For that we should be grateful, because as much as they will try to game the system to their ends they cannot achieve everything they want and there is always a correction later on. It can be as soon as the next election cycle, which is 2018 as the entire US House is up for grabs. I’m thinking about running for office. Why not?


Mike Farmer for Congress: He Can’t Make It Worse


Honestly, that’s the most truthful thing anyone could say in an election cycle.


January 15th, 2017

It happened again yesterday. Thought about going out. Couldn’t bring myself to do it. I forgot how strong the depression and anxiety could be. It appears that I have underestimated my enemy.


I’m not the social person I used to be. What if I don’t know anybody? What if I only know one person and they’re working the room, too busy to sit with me? I can be alone at home, I don’t need to be alone out there surrounded by other people.


I don’t go out unless I have to and social events are not “have to”. I don’t put myself out there anymore. Please don’t look at me and judge me. You don’t know my life. All my friends went on with their lives and left me with mine.


My heart is a bottomless pit. It’s a tough environment. I put on the air of anger and defiance. Man cannot live on that alone. Sometimes I really am angry and defiant. Sometimes I am resigned to the dumbness of life. You lived your entire life like a unlit candle in a drawer. Never knowing what it felt like to know what your life was for.