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2011 In Personal Review

December 21st, 2011

An honest, brief assessment of what transpired from December 31, 2010 up to this point.

  • My first and only experience with narcotics, in a dingy Nashville apartment at 3am on New Year’s Day, on a platinum award for a Christian rock album.
  • My 33rd birthday spent in Louisville, pelted with heavy snow while a chick I liked made out with another chick. For once, this was infuriating and not arousing.
  • I noticed some grey hairs in my brush.
  • I went on some dates this year, with different girls. They were all quite keen on letting me know all about their assorted baggage and issues. I tend to think that you should let your relationship develop before you inform your partner about your psychosis but I am also wrong about a lot of things.
  • Technology Vs. Horse’s fourth album, Potential Pleasure Device, escaped into the world for public consumption. It has not been consumed to my satisfaction.
  • TVH also raised money for a seven-inch single that will be coming out in early 2012. I promise our donors we did not spend the money on lemon drops and cookie dough (though it was tempting).
  • TVH also won its’ second straight RevFest Battle Of The Bands.
  • TVH played Mayhem, opening up for Bear Hands (who doubtlessly do not remember us if they knew us at all)
  • The Mayhem show also included the band Vanity Theft, who are comely, to put it mildly.
  • I attempted to give a gift of candied bacon to the same girl from earlier who made out with a girl on my birthday. She enjoyed the gift, and went home with another guy.
  • Inspired by my difficulties in the romance department, I renewed my commitment to songwriting and came up with enough material for an album.
  • There was an aborted attempt to make an album of solo material over the summer. Aborted due to mistakes in artistic direction and scope. Having gone back to the drawing board, we will endeavor to make some sort of album of original Ky Prophet material in 2012.
  • Note that I also said that in 2011, 2010, and so on.
  • I grew my hair out. I think it looks tough.
  • Several music videos were shot by Yellowberri for two songs. “Die Alone” was released earlier this year and was unsettling to some and morbidly funny to others. Perhaps the other will be released in 2012.
  • I announced a full-season of bouts for the Rollergirls of Southern Indiana, including a trip to Fort Wayne for the Spring Roll Invitational.
  • I watched a guy beat another guy with a bag of Oreos at a wrestling show.
  • I invited a girl to come with me to see the Pixies and she flaked on me the day of the show. Same girl I gave the bacon to. Strike three.
  • I failed to win my fantasy football league this year. I lost in the quarterfinals and now can not finish higher than 5th in final standings. Grrrr.
  • The creation of the website you’re staring at this instant. Thank you.
  • Some other things I forgot.
  • Oh, yes. I read Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace for the first time. I’ve been re-reading it ever since.

Jury Duty Friday!

December 15th, 2011

Tomorrow, I have to do jury duty. I have to show up at the county courthouse at 9am. I’ve never done jury duty before. I’ve somehow gone this far in my life without having to endure jury duty. I haven’t been in court since 1999, me thinks. That’s pretty good. I’ve never been sued.


I hope it’s not a criminal trial with brutal crime scene photos that will make me queasy. I hope it’s a nice safe civil trial. I can’t know until I get there. Either way I probably won’t be able to tell you about it.


Here’s another thing I realize. Most relationships are a case of “hurry up and get laid before this person realizes they hate me”. Or “hurry up and bang it out before I realize I hate this person”. Sometimes people end up with “oh shit we hate each other and now we’re stuck.” What this has to do with jury duty, I don’t know. It’s been on my mind.

One Year Of Lonely B.S.

December 14th, 2011

I’m RSVP’ing for a holiday party in Louisville, but I’m not going to go. There’s no reason to.


A year ago, I went to a holiday party in Louisville hosted by a friend. I went there to profess my love for a girl I’ve been friends in excess of ten years. That did not go well. Not at all. So badly that I was ashamed of myself and haven’t spoken to her since. She will be attending. I will not.


Eventually, I will run into her. I’m in a band, she’s in a band, our bands are playing together in January. But it’s different to be at a venue like a club instead of something tight like a mutual friend’s apartment. Too intimate.


I got in an argument with one of my bandmates last week. It was pretty bad. I would say it was at least 65% my fault. The first 35% was his, but after that I took all the assholishness and put it on my back. “I got this now, fucko”.


Perhaps I need to work on my interpersonal skills. Perhaps I am an ass.

Marking Time

December 11th, 2011

Marking time. Look it up. It basically means to idle by during life. I’m not doing anything right now, just marking time until it’s time to go to the doctor.


I mark time a lot. I dedicate a lot of energy to marking time until I finally die. Because it’s better than suicide. Might as well mark time, something interesting might happen and I’d hate to miss it.


I am a naturally self-destructive person and all my accomplishments and activities and ambitions won’t keep me from ruining my life. I make at least ten bad decisions, fully aware of what I’m doing.


I’m embracing my horribleness. Might as well. Accelerate to the grave but live in the meantime. Enjoy every sandwich, have another sandwich. I have screwed up so badly that I don’t have any confidence that I can undo it.


Self-love as a concept infuriates me. Self-respect I understand but I don’t think I exhibit it. Self-love. I was damaged a long time ago and I hold myself to blame although it’s not all my fault. Punishment. I should be taken behind a barn and shot in the back of the head. Times like this I wish I lived in Saigon as it fell.

Noo Muzik Werkin Onn

December 7th, 2011

Last night, Russell and I worked on a song. It was fantastic. We worked on what will hopefully be the first of enough songs for an album of my original material. It’s another run at what was Untitled Kentucky Prophet Album TBA 2011 and what is now Untitled Kentucky Prophet Album TBA 2012.


There’s about ten songs I wanted to record for UKPATBA2K12 and we’ve only just begun. Owing to the busy schedules of all involved, we’ll be lucky to meet once a week. I don’t know what the holidays will be like. Hopefully, we’ll get to meet once a week, one song a week.


Last night we did a thing that sounds like The Stooges with synths. When I demoed the song for Russell, I told him it should sound like Lady Gaga playing with Neil Young and Crazy Horse. He told me he couldn’t imagine what that would sound like.


I’ve been a prolific son of a gun. Russell and I wrote a Christmas song for a parody video. That will be recorded in a few weeks and it will be like “We Are The World”, only wrong and strange. We’re trying to get all the Bowling Green people involved in it, like USA For AFRICA.


I’m also writing erotica. That’s a different story for a different day, under a pseudonym.