An Introductory Guide To High School

August 15th, 2011

From Keivn (sic) on Yahoo answers.


Ok, well HS starts in about 2 days and i wanted to know how i should act around people i dont know. i wanna be cool but not tooo cool where it makes me become annoying and obnoxious. Any tips?
and i wont act like my self because im annoying.-__-


Dear Keivn, you annoyingly poor speller. I hope you get provoked into suicide by bullying. You are doomed. Your only hope is that they won’t notice you and pummel you into a fine paste in high school. I hope you get a plunger in the rectum for spelling your own name wrong. You want to be “cool but not tooo cool”? Guess what, asshole? You better be wondering how you get out unscathed. Fuck you. You have no idea what hell you’re in for


Seriously, if you can’t spell your own name right then you better refocus your priorities on not turning into the fat Samoan in Idiocracy who keeps saying “Welcome to Costco. I love you.” You’re a piece of shit and I hope you get laughed at in the locker room for the next four years even though you’ll only need one year of phys. ed.


Worry about getting an education so you can spell your name properly on college entrance forms and scholarship applications. You stupid shit. You will never touch a girl’s boob under the bra. Your mother should drive you to school, escort you into the lobby and shout “MY BABEH’S A FRESHMENNNN” at the top of her cunty lungs. That will show you for caring so much about being “cool but not tooo cool.” You suck. Young people suck. I hope you choke to death on a slice of Texas Toast.

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