Little 300-Word Burstz

June 27th, 2011

I’m trying to write this recap as a series of short recaps. None of it is so important it needs to be grouped into a 1500-word TLDR thing for your weak eyes. If I were you, I’d crank up the font size on your browser if that’s a problem. Alisha set this up for me because I’m not good for designing websites.


Another thing Alisha did was donate a few dollars to the Technology Vs. Horse Vinyl Fund. We are doing the Kickstarter thing, trying to earn $500 by Thursday 11:30 AM to make our vinyl collectable dreams come true. Come on, folks. Here’s the status. Monday morning early, we have to raise a mere $32 before we hit the magic number. That is very important, folks. You know what you want? Awesome vinyl collectables. You donate, you get gifts as a thank-you. $5 will get you the digital download. $10 will get you the vinyl and digital download. $25 will get your ass a t-shirt and some vinyl. $50 will get your name thanked on the mo’fuckin album sleeve. You know what’s up?


Click the link below to donate. Hurry fast, babies. We need you. This is practically a done deal, we just need to get over the $500 mark, mm-kay?

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