I’m A Bit Disappointed, Folks

June 11th, 2011

Here we are, kids. With less than three weeks remaining in our journey, Technology Vs. Horse has only raised 33% of the $500 necessary to make our 7″ vinyl dreams a reality. So far, we’re at about $168, as of the last time I checked.


What I find especially disappointing is that although sixty-nine (heh-heh) people have “liked” this Kickstarter thing we’re doing on Facebook, only eleven people have actually made a pledge/donation. This hurts, folks. I hate to have to sweat it out all the way until the end of June, but it looks like I’m going to have to. What a bunch of jerks, hurting me the way that you do. Why do you want to stress me out? Does it make you happy to see me stress? Why are you so masochistic? Is it because you hate me deep down? That’s the only explanation I see.


Obviously it’s not too late, but I would feel a lot better about it if more people donated. I’m too stupid to embed the widget so here’s the link below:




I’ll go over some of the things you can get for your donation. A donation means a gift but ONLY if we cross that important $500 threshold. Important also to note: I cannot donate to myself. The account is in my name. If I do that, it’s tampering. Granted, the other four members of the band could donate if they so wished. Hint, hint. . .


For $10, you will get a copy of the single in question AND a digital download. For $25, I’ll send you a t-shirt and letter of thanks in addition to the vinyl and download.

For $30, I’ll write out the lyrics to your favorite TVH song and give you all the other stuff I just mentioned.
For $50, We’ll thank you on the vinyl sleeve.

For $75, we’ll have a conference call with you. For $100, we’ll take you to dinner! We’ll give you all the other stuff, too. We love you. Kiss us on the mouth! Pledge your money.

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