Now That I’ve Introduced Myself, What’s Next?

February 27th, 2011

It is time to set the agenda for


What is this place going to be? A clearing house for me and my ideas, rants, raves, reviews.


Actually, that sounds exactly like what the agenda should be. I guess we’re done here for now.


What do I want to accomplish with Isn’t it enough to “just want to do better?” I would h0pe so, but WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? What does it mean to “do better”?


I want this to be the place that my people come for updates about me and my many ventures. Also, I’d like to make some money. More money than I make now, which is not very much at the momentthanksfornothingGod.


I’d like to meet hot chicks that want to kick it with an awesome, mildly-socially-anxious writer-blogger-singer-announcer. Throw yourselves at me, don’t be ashamed. I won’t judge you to be sluts. You’re not sluts; you’re the farthest thing from slutty. You’re delivering to me a care package of vagina, and I will never talk down to or about you.


So in summary, I want to get laid and get paid, and I’d like people to attend events I’m working en masse. This is the American Dream, no matter where you go.


A mild correction: I want to get laid and get paid more. These are my hopes and dreams. Forget about long-term security.

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